Ramadan Reflections Day 16: Muslim Relationships

It seems like every time I open my email, I have a new message from someone unique saying that they are having a hard time finding someone to spend the rest of their life with. Different reasons seem to be holding each one down respectively, but the end result of sadness and confusion is usually the same.

How does one go about finding someone to get married to in the American Muslim community? When dating in most senses of the word is not religiously permissible, interaction across genders is difficult and awkward because of cultural norms, parents and children are not on the same page in terms of what a suitable match would be, and gender roles become blurred due to an obvious dichotomy in the way young men are raised in comparison to their female counterparts, it’s hard to find someone that makes sense for you. You run into too many Mr. and Miss Wrongs and slowly begin to think that you will never find the Mr. or Miss Right. Read More